Obsessive Compulsive Disorder And Astrology

OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is an anxiousness disorder. It is characterized by distressing intrusive obsessive thoughts or repetitive compulsive actions. Obsessions are suggestions, photos and impulses that run via the particular person ‘s thoughts more than and more than once again. Individuals who have OCD normally have other sorts of anxiousness, like phobias or panic attacks, also might have depression, focus deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), an consuming disorder or a finding out disorder such as dyslexia.

Healthcare Astrologer’s View:

DOB: 18-06-1985, TOB: 06.41 PM IST, LAT 16N34 Lengthy 82E01

The Native is suffering from nervous disorder, OCD and depression along with serious strain and complications like shivering of physique, remembering his personal breath, losing concentration so speedily at lots of instances, feeling lonely, mentally hurt and created a full unfavorable attitude towards life and lost his Job since of abnormal mental predicament and no concentration.

Aries is the initial sign of Zodiac and stands for Head and Brain. Mars, the Lord of Aries guidelines more than Head and all ailments connected to the Head and Brain. Sun guidelines the essential fluid in the physique. Ascendant is also to be thought of. So affliction to Aries and Ascendant and their lords and the planets Sun, Mars in an astrology birth chart will result in illness of the brain.

The fifth residence from ascendant in an astrology chart guidelines more than the wisdom or intelligence. Afflictions to the 5th residence and to the Moon or Mercury will also result in mental illness. Moon governs the thoughts intellect and affliction to Moon will result in mental excitement or depression. Mercury controls the complete nervous method and intelligence and any affliction to Mercury will result in mental imbalance. Saturn or Rahu afflicts Moon or Mercury the native might get to mental depression. Gemini is the sign of reasoning and Cancer is the sign of feelings and serious afflictions to these indicators will also result in mental disorder.

For a Sagittarius ascendant, Mars and the Sun are benefics. Venus, Saturn and Mercury are evil and Jupiter and the Moon neutrals in an astrology chart. Right here Aries is the 5th Property and its lord Mars is placed in 7th residence in Gemini and placed in Arudra star ruled by Rahu. Aries is also afflicted by the placement of Venus and Rahu. Venus and Rahu are placed in Bharani star aspected by malefics Saturn and Ketu from Libra. And hence Moon is severely afflicted. 4 planets Sun, Moon, Mars and Mercury are placed in Gemini sign and heavily afflicted make mental disturbances. Mars and Mercury are placed in Arudra star ruled by Rahu. Sun and Moon are placed in Mrigasira star ruled by Mars.

Mercury guidelines the nervous method and Saturn guidelines the windy stress in the nervous method. 3rd residence from Zodiac is Gemini and guidelines more than nerves. Conjunction or affliction of Sun and Moon in an horoscope causes mental illness. Afflicted Mercury and Moon in Gemini, 3rd residence from Zodiac, in astrology birth chart result in mental illness. 6th residence, the residence of illness is Taurus and its ruler Venus is severely afflicted right here. Saturn and Ketu are placed in Libra and Rahu is placed in Bharani star. The Lord of the 6th, Venus is placed in its debilitated sign Virgo and weak. 6th residence is aspected by ascendant lord Jupiter.

Rahu’s placement in the 5th residence[trine] aspected by Saturn make mental complications. Ascendant lord Jupiter is weak by its placement in Capricorn and afflicted by Saturn. Saturn and Ketu are placed in Visakha Star ruled by Jupiter. In Navamsa chart [D9] Moon is afflicted by Rahu and Sun and Mercury is afflicted by Saturn and debilitated Venus. In Drekkana [D3] Chart Moon is placed in Gemini and afflicted by Saturn, Sun and Ketu. Mercury is also severely afflicted right here.

In Shashtamsa [D6] chart, Moon is afflicted by Sun, Venus and Mercury. Mercury as well afflicted right here by Saturn and Mars. Fifth residence of the D6 chart is Virgo and afflicted by Saturn and Sun in D6 is afflicted by Rahu and Ketu indicating mental complications. Conjunction of Sun and Moon in Aries in D6 is the clear indication of mental difficulty. A weak Moon in the 12th residence of D6 chart indicates mental issues. Mercury is afflicted in the 3rd residence and Moon is placed in 12th residence in D6 indicates mental illness.

The association of Moon and Mercury is not favourable in astrology chart and the native will have the feeling of guilt, insecurity and suspicion. Affliction to the Moon will impact the thoughts and endure by his personal imagination. All these afflictions to the significators in the astrology birth chart and divisional charts are accountable for nervous disorder and mental depression.

Specific postures of yoga are effective for treating depression. The Simhasana (lion pose) yoga posture increases the glow of the face by delivering much more oxygen to the facial muscle tissues. Matsyasana (fish pose) is posture also aids in delivering relief from tension and relaxes the thoughts and the physique.

Rasayana remedy, head massaging (like sirovasti, thalam), meditation are involved in Ayurvedic depression remedy therapies. Wearing a 3 Mukhi Rudraksha will assistance to get self-confidence and power to face any predicament. It is really beneficial for these who endure from depression, anxiousness, and guilt induced complexes.