Kites Festival

If you want to see a substantial kites festival, there are fairly a quantity to decide on from. At any time of the year it is not extended ahead of a significant kite flying festival gets underway someplace on the planet. In this brief short article I will introduce you to two large kite festivals that are held each and every year.

The Bristol Kite Festival

This English occasion is officially recognized as The Bristol International Festival of Kites and Air Creations. It really is been operating due to the fact the mid eighties, and it is likely the biggest and most effectively recognized such festival in the Western globe.

The following list is a basic summary of what the kites festival at Bristol is all about.

  • two days of non-cease wind-driven flying, art and culture, each air-primarily based and ground-primarily based
  • a partnership involving the festival and the Bristol Children’s Hospital charity
  • a forum for international goodwill and showcasing the world’s finest in kiting
  • a platform for breaking globe kiting records, such as ‘the biggest kite to fly’
  • an excuse for any member of the public to go out and fly their favourite kite as portion of the festival

Keen to know some specifics? Here’s some issues that had been planned for the 2007 festival…

  • Wallace &amp Gromit drawing focus to a hospital charity in a particular angel kite show
  • substantial, spectacular sea-themed kites, such as a 30 meter extended multicolored manta ray
  • kite surfers demonstrating their intense sport in the sea
  • classic Japanese fighting kites engaged in aerial combat
  • far more intense sports – traction kites pulling buggies and land boards
  • kite-producing workshops for youngsters
  • flying the world’s largest kite, the size of an Olympic swimming pool!

The Niagara Kite Festival

In addition to getting large, this kites festival is genuinely fairly one of a kind. This has a lot to do with its geographical place. Not only does the festival overlook an massive waterfall technique, but it basically spans two nations, the U.S. and Canada!

This subsequent list tries to summarize most of what took spot more than the four days that the 2007 Niagara Kite Festival ran…

  • the flying of a really wide variety of kites by hundreds of persons
  • a kite arch tethered to the U.S. on one particular finish, and to Canada on the other
  • a historical re-enactment of the initial kite to cross the gorge
  • substantial wind-driven operates of art that had been anchored to the ground
  • international guests brought their kiting knowledge
  • demonstrations of kite-powered sports
  • exhibitions of other kite-associated activities
  • a fantastic wide variety of street entertainment, not all kite-associated
  • thousands of spectators, each locals and from about the globe

The hundreds of fliers in the course of the festival integrated several who registered themselves for the possibility to fly their personal kites off the Niagara escarpment. Not an chance that comes up each and every day! The allocated location was from the Rainbow Bridge to Terrapin Point on the US side and Table Rock on the Canadian side.

The variety of kites flown, apart from the usual assortment of deltas and flow-kind styles, integrated the following…

  • operates of art
  • stunters, dual and quad-line
  • indoor fliers
  • fighters
  • inflatables
  • miniatures
  • the basically large!

A variety of exhibitions had been held. Subjects integrated…

  • kite history
  • kite aerial photography
  • miniature kites
  • kite stamps

See how kites can appeal to all personalities, from intense sports dudes to the quieter sorts you could discover checking out these exhibitions!


This is just a taste of the encounter of taking in an international kites festival. For far more particulars on these two events, plus an account of my personal family’s outing to the Adelaide International Kite Festival, just check out the web page. The Adelaide Festival web page is illustrated with lots of photographs as well.